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5 – simple, clear, logical, as can be

8 min read — Summary :- the rules and tools for logically routing traffic across the internet are largely run outside of direct government control. Public funding helped support the development of the internet protocols with the work being done by academics and industry. The relationship between the administration of the Domain Name System (DNS) and governments is interesting and has been controversial at times.

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4 – let’s get physical

16 min read — Summary :- the physical infrastructure that supports networked services is highly regulated. It uses technical standards which are set by a variety of non-governmental bodies. But the deployment of equipment and offering of access services at scale usually depends on securing licenses from governments. The conditions attached to those licenses are core to what it means to regulate Physical layer. There has been particular interest in the concept of ‘net neutrality’ in the internet community.

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3 – island life

12 min read — Summary :- I use an analogy comparing online spaces with islands to structure a discussion of jurisdictional questions. I describe the key considerations for both entities running internet spaces and governments when thinking about jurisdiction.

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