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Online Safety Bill – Legal But Harmful, a Matter for Duffers, Caesar or Ui – 12th May 2022

7 min read — There is a lot of critical commentary about the fact that the UK Online Safety Bill includes regulation of content that is ‘legal but harmful’. A common refrain is ‘well if the content is really harmful, it should be made illegal, but if it is not harmful enough to be…

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Online Safety Bill, an opt-in model for identity verification – 19th April 2022

11 min read — We have heard calls from various quarters for people to have to verify their identities before being able to post content on social media. In this post I will look at how this debate is reflected in the published text of the UK Online Safety Bill. First, to set some…

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Online Safety Bill – on Age Verification – 8th April 2022

10 min read — It is common for people to propose that online services should be required to verify their users’ ages in the interests of improving safety for children. Other people argue that online services should collect the minimum possible amount of information and they have concerns about the implications of introducing systems…


UK Online Safety Bill, A Very Unofficial Explainer – 4th April 2022

13 min read — What does the Online Safety Bill do (in a nutshell)? The Bill grants the UK Government authority to give detailed instructions to some online services about how they should run their operations for UK users. These instructions will cover a broad range of issues related to content and behaviour under…


The Race to Regulate AI – 25th April 2021

2 min read — The European Commission published a comprehensive proposal to regulate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies on April 21st 2021. I have recorded a new podcast episode with Nicklas Berild Lundblad where we share some initial reactions to and thoughts about this proposal. A particular concern of mine is that…

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Podcast Episode 10 – Open and Closed – 21st March 2021

< 1 min read — In this week’s episode of the podcast, Nicklas and I tease out what we mean when we talk about ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ models for the internet. We discuss web vs internet protocols, app stores, ‘walled garden’ services, government imposed restrictions and more!

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